Marie Donais Calder was raised in Tilston, Manitoba in a home where her imagination flourished.  Her parents taught her that she could do most anything she set her mind to. They were absolutely right about that. In spite of being born with severe myopia, which has deteriorated to low vision, Marie Donais Calder enjoyed sports, track and field, climbing the highest trees (and jumping down from the highest branch) and any other challenges that came her way in her childhood.  The love and encouragement of her parents propelled her to put on several performances in the attic of her 2 ½ storey home, or on warm summer days, on the front veranda.  Life was simple. Life was good. Then on August 5th, 1959, her world turned upside down. She never heard her Mother sing again after her Dad died in a car accident. Marie was 11 years old when her childhood ended. The family then moved to Redvers, Saskatchewan where she managed to get through the ‘fog’ and graduate from high school. She married Darcy and after the birth of their first child, Nicole, Marie began her university education. By the time she graduated from the University of Regina with a B.Ed, she and Darcy had three daughters. Thirty years were spent teaching elementary school and raising their three daughters, Nicole, Chantelle and Kari-Lynn. She now has 2 granddaughters, Piper and Kyenna, 1 grandson, Grayson and 1 surrogate granddaughter, Lyanna.

Marie Donais Calder’s biography can be found in Something About the Author, volume 96.

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